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Murry, John Middleton (editor)
London: The Saint Catherine Press, Stephen Swift & Company, Martin Secker, 1911 / 1913

Rhythm was founded as a quarterly magazine, published in London, with the first issue dated Summer, 1911. After four quarterly issues it became a monthly, until it ceased publication with the issue of March 1913. The principle editor from beginning to end was John Middleton Murry, assisted at the beginning by Michael T. H. Sadler and by John Duncan Fergusson, who acted as art editor for most of the short life of the magazine. Katherine Mansfield joined the staff with the first monthly issue, in June 1912, as an assistant editor, becoming co-editor in the issue of February 1913. Her stories and poems appeared regularly. This journal is especially important for its art and the theory of rhythm in the arts sketched out in its pages, which made it a major precursor of Vorticism. Many of the artists connected to Rhythm were later considered Vorticists.

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