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Hughes, Herbert (1882-1937)
by Gaipa, Mark

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Herbert Hughes 1882-1937

A music critic and composer, Hughes was born in Belfast, Ireland, and studied in London at the Royal College of Music. Writing for The New Age initially under the alias of “X.”, Hughes composed nearly 50 music reviews and pieces of music criticism for the first nine volumes of Orage's journal. In 1911, he ended his contributions for The New Age in order to join the Daily Telegraph, where he worked as a music critic until 1932. A participant in the Irish Cultural Revival, Hughes's professional interests gravitated toward folk music: he helped to found the Irish Folksong Society and co-edited its publications; he also collected folksongs and published his arrangements in collections like Irish Country Songs (1909) and Historical Songs and Ballads of Ireland (1922). His own compositions include chamber pieces (e.g., Three Satirical Songs for violin, flute, clarinet, and bassoon) and works for piano and vocals. Hughes also composed music for the theater and film.

—Mark Gaipa


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