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The Modernist Journals Project is a major resource for the study of modernism in the English-speaking world, with periodical literature as its central concern. Our primary mission is to produce digital editions of culturally significant magazines from around the early 20th century and make them freely available to the public on our website.... (more about the MJP)

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News & Updates

McClure's Magazine is now online (9/14)
Issues from the first seven years of the MJP's edition of McClure's Magazine (1900 - 1910) are now available on the MJP website. We expect to upload issues from the remaining four years as we finish working on them, probably by the early fall.
Introducing the Masses Work Site (1/14)
The Masses Work Site on the MJP Lab is a resource for exploring the MJP's Masses detabase using quantitative analysis and visualization tools. It includes stastical information about the magazine, graphs of contributor and book review networks, charts about the gender of contributors, and the full text of the magazine uploaded (and ready for word searches) on Voyant.
The MJP's edition of The Masses is now complete (11/13)
All 79 issues of The Masses, from January 1911 to November/December 1917, are now available on the MJP website, and the MJP's datafiles for The Masses are also now available in the MJP_Lab's Sourceforge repository. Please note the peculiar numbering of the original issues of the magazine: volume 2 does not exist, while volume 3 consists of just six issues and volumes 7 and 10 consist of only one issue each.
An Introduction to the Imagist Anthologies (3/13)
Abel Debritto, a Fulbright Fellow at the MJP, has composed an introduction to Imagism and the Imagist Anthologies that Ezra Pound, Amy Lowell, and others published between 1914 and 1917. Click here to read it.
The Seven Arts is now online (10/12)
All twelve issues (and one supplement) of The Seven Arts (1916-1917) are now available at the MJP. This is the first of five American journals that we will be making available over the course of the next two years as part of our current NEH grant.
The MJP Wins NEH Grant (3/12)
The Modernist Journals Project has been awarded a two-year grant of $270,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities to digitize substantial runs of five American journals: McClure's (1901-1910), The Smart Set (1913-1922), The Masses (1911-1917), Camera Work (1903-1917), and The Seven Arts (1916-1917). The grant will be administered by the University of Tulsa, and the work will be done at both Brown and Tulsa.